Salamander Crossing Brigade (In Action)


Last night was a big night for Salamanders Crossing Brigade Monday, April 15th, 2019. It was raining hard and was about 55 degrees out which prompted the conditions for migration BIG NIGHT

The local site was located at the back of robin hood park in Keene NH. On the corner of the Water street and Jordan road near a large light post.

This is what we recorded :

Conditions :

Site : Jordan Road

Start time 12:34am – End time : 1:23am

Road conditions/Traffic : wet road, two cars drove by in total.

Predicted for this site :

This site is known to be home to a large population of Jefferson Salamanders and typically does not see any other populations.

Recovered :

Spotted Salamander : 5 alive, 1 dead 6 total

2 – Linded Salamanders: 3 alive

Spring Peeper : 2 alive, 2 dead

Field documentation :

This is a video of myself handling a Yellow spotted salamander.
Another photo of another yellow spotted salamander
This image is myself handling a 2 lined Salamander. *Since they are so small I had to use a leaf in order to pick up the Salamander. *
This image is of a small lined salamander on the pavement making its way across the road.

Take away from going out to a site at midnight on a monday:

Although, it may seem silly to go out of your way at midnight to help animals cross the road but it is not. These animals are a significant piece of the food web in our local forests and currently, up to 80% of these Salamanders populations die making this trip across the road. Just think about that 80% of the population is killed just due to human traffic on these roads during their “big night”. So, my takeaway from this experience is that going out and seeing these animals, holding them, and helping them survive another day is worth the trip out of bed. I never knew these beautiful species lived so close for all this time, this activity certainly opens ones eyes to making a chance you want to see in the world!! More updates to come as the rainy days continue to come.

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