Academic Excellence Conference

What is AEC?

The annual AEC showcases the research, scholarship, and creative work completed by KSC graduate and undergraduate students. It gives students an opportunity to present their best academic work to a broad audience of their peers, faculty, and the public.

Why was I taking part in this event?

This semester I have been working in Dr. Susan Whitimore’s lab working with evaluating the effect of Short Term Exposure of Diesel particles on developing Larval Frogs. This data is then used to model the development of a possible fetus in the womb as these particles are in the bloodstream permanently once the body has intaken them.

This is the poster we displayed at the AEC conference used to discuss what our recent study has found.

What was presented?

The main purpose of the AEC conference held at Keene State College is to take your research and be able to explain it to the general public and funders of this research. This was done by using the medium of a poster and having 1 on 1 discussions with panel members on the topic that you did research on.

This is a photo on myself pictured on the left. Casey Koziara in the center. Audrey Kaiser on the right. This is a image of our project at AEC during the presentation.

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